Monday, September 17, 2007

This season's website fashions

Incredibly, I've actually finally got around to revamping my website. Take a look! What a PITA - bloody image rollovers!! Bloody safari!! GRRRRRR...!! Anwyay, hope it works and everything, but if you spot something that doesn't, or a typo, please let me know!

Many thanks to my mate Russell for helping out with the design-y stuff!! I owe you a beer.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Eclipse Trumpets Trip

Went on a fun trip to the Eclipse Trumpet Factory the other day with my chum, Jake Painter. Both of us are thinking about buying new trumpets and we thought we'd check these instruments out, which seem to be very popular at the moment.

So we drove up the M1 to an industrial estate in Luton where we were greeted by Leigh McKinney, the owner of the company. We were shown in to the testing room (pictured) where freshly made trumpets featuring the various bell options available were laid out on a long bench. These instruments were unfinished (i.e. uncoated) and slightly rough around the edges - they get completed to your specific requirements when you decide to buy one. After a short introduction by Leigh, we were left to our own devices.

They certainly are beautiful instruments! They blew very easily, and had a beautiful sound. Jake and I both liked the Medium Yellow brass bell best (which I think is their 'standard' instrument, and best seller). However they are a little expensive for rush decisions, and I think I'd like to try out some other brands before I buy anything.

One thing I really appreciated was the large room we had for playing in - so often when you go to try an instrument in a shop, you are shown in to a tiny room, often full of stock, with very little acoustic life in it, but that was not the case here at all. I also liked Leigh's very straightforward and helpful manner - strangely not always the case in all music shops.

So I didn't come away with a lovely new trumpet this time, but did get a free Eclipse towel and T-shirt.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Forthcoming gigs and things

I'm going to try using .mac and iCal for my forthcoming gigs - I'm much more likely to keep that up to date than that thing on Myspace... So, here they are (if it works).

Next one is with the Broken Bass Dance Band at Jitterbugs - Stern Hall, 33 Seymour Place, London W1H 5AU - on Wednesday 12th September at 7pm. £10 I think, which includes a Lindy Hop lesson.

Edit: Unfortunately, this gig on the 12th is now cancelled.