Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Opus 1

Hello World. This is my first post. (Mind you, there were a few groovy things happening last month so I might put them in retrospectively.)

I'm intending to use this blog to write up about all the musical stuff I'm involved in, such as playing gigs, going to jam sessions, going to see gigs, writing music for films, writing music for fun, and that kind of thing. Hopefully I'll figure out how to post some mp3s of my work, and you will be able to comment on them if you like! (But if your comment says I suck, then obviously I'm going to delete it.) No doubt there will be other random and unconnected posts along the way.

By the way, several examples of my work are posted on my main webpage, so check them out if you like. The best place to browse through my music samples there is on the right hand side of the home page, not on the actual 'Music' page (I really must sort that thing out..)

I think my title for this blog, 'Cylindrical Bore', is fantastically cool. What do you think?

Hello...? Is there anybody there.....?