Friday, September 19, 2008

Wine, Women and Westminster

Obviously I'm completely failing to update this regularly.. seems I'm either not at all busy and there's nothing much to write about, or I'm horribly horribly busy and I've got no time at all to write anything.

I'm glad to say that it's been a case of the latter recently, as I've been working hard on the next series of ITV's Primeval. I've got more of that work coming up soon, but right now I'm doing the music copying for a new Marple film. Add to that gigs here and there and it's a pretty busy time at the moment.

Anyway, just wanted to give a quick plug for my Dad's new book, Wine, Women and Westminster. It's a collection of funny stories from my Dad's 40 year career as a political journalist in Westminster, and travelling the globe with Thatcher and Major. He's going to be on Loose Ends with Clive Anderson on Radio 4 tomorrow evening at 6:15 talking about it.

Friday, July 18, 2008

MaxMSP Course

Had a bit of a gloomy time recently as I cracked an arm and a rib playing footie and had to lay off playing for a while :( - however, I'm pretty much back to normal again now.

Last week I went on the Introduction to MaxMSP course at Goldsmiths College. Max is a graphical programming environment for music, audio and other media. I actually bought this software ages ago, worked through a few of the tutorials, but never really got any further than that.

The course was taught by Tim Ward. We spent two days looking at some of the real basics of Max: cabling objects together, getting audio in and out, getting midi in and out, etc. Then the following two days were spent looking at some more advanced ready-made patches and trying to figure out how they worked. There was also plenty of time for exploring and messing around with Max and building whatever we liked.

Tim also talked about ways to send/recieve audio and midi to and from other applications, such as Logic, Live etc, and quite a lot about creative ways that people have interfaced Max with the outside world. I particularly liked this scary piano soundboard thing.

Not exactly sure what I'm going to do with this knowledge... There are some really good free patches available online (e.g. so perhaps one or two of those will be useful to me. Hopefully I'll also find time to get better at programming Max myself and be able to create my own stuff..

Friday, June 20, 2008

Thing's Ain't What They Used to Be

Ahhh... Clark Terry, one of my absolute favourite trumpet players! I love this clip - absolutely fantastic plunger technique, and so much joy in his playing and his singing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Forthcoming gigs, E17 Jazz etc.

A couple of interesting E17 Jazz events coming up: tomorrow evening Adam Bishop is playing with his quartet at the Rose and Crown, 55 Hoe Street, starts 8pm.

Then on Saturday evening, there's a Silent Film Night at the Victoria (186 Hoe Street, E17), where there will be live improvised music to a couple of films from the 1920s. Starts 8:30pm and is free entry.

Finally, on Sunday - though not under the E17 Jazz banner - I'll be MDing the John Ongom Big Band at the White Hart, 1 Mile End Road. Featuring Gabrielle Ghray and Barry Vegas on vocals. Free entry, starts 7:45.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Hello Dolly!

I'll be playing in the pit for Hello Dolly! this week, put on by Geoids.

Performances at 7:30 from Wednesday to Saturday, plus 2:30 matinee on Sat, at the London Oratory Theatre, Seagrave Road, SW6 1RX. £13/£10 concs/£6 children.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New sampler

At long last I've got some new music up on my website: a sampler of some of the music I've done in the last.. well, since the previous sampler, really. It includes some stuff I wrote for various film trailers, plus from some short films I scored. Anyway, here it is:

[edit: Player doesn't appear above? Click here instead.]

Monday, April 14, 2008

E17 Jazz - Rachel Musson

This Thursday's E17 Jazz gig is Rachel Musson with her new band - a quintet with a two tenor front line, and features all original material. It's at the Rose and Crown pub on Hoe Street, starts 8:30, £4.

Unfortunately, I'm working that night so probably won't make it :( Sorry, Rachey.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

big band gigs

I'll be directing the John Ongom Big Band tomorrow night (Sunday March 23rd) at The White Hart, 1 Mile End Road. Featuring Gabrielle Ghray and vocal trio Toot Sweet. Starts about 7:45pm, entry free!

Then on Wednesday April 9th, I'll be directing the London Swingfonia at The Arts Depot, Finchley. Featuring Harry Martin on vocals. 7:30pm, £16/£14.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

E17 Jazz

E17 Jazz is a fairly recent initiative to get some more live jazz happening around Walthamstow. Unfortunately, Thursday nights are a bit busy for me, but I did manage to make it to The Plough the other week to see the Brigitte Beraha Trio, which was really nice - the same line up (vocal, piano, trumpet) as Azimuth, and often a similar mood.

Next gig is (according to the myspace site) Third I, at The Rose and Crown on the 20th (which is different from what it says on the flier), then there's Carlos Lopez-Real at The Plough on the 27th.

Equally important, there's now a jazz football game on Sunday mornings at 11am at Aveling Park, adjacent to Lloyd Park. All abilities welcome!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

OMG it's a new post!

Oh dear... there's been precious little blogging going on around here recently. Still, it's not like I have a regular readership (just about six random people every day looking for videos about making trumpets) so I don't suppose anyone gives a hoot.

But there has been quite a lot of blog-worthy material in the past couple of months - including buying trumpets, Primeval stuff, workflow things and so on - but it seems a bit crap to try to catch up with it now.

At the moment I'm busy writing a big band arrangement of Sunny Side of the Street, based on Dizzy's version on Sonny Side Up, and am also helping my Dad a little bit with a book he's written. It's full of funny stories from his decades as a political reporter. Maybe I'll post one or two here (but I'll have to ask first...)

I've also recently discovered StumbleUpon, which is definitely a bad thing if you want to do anything useful with your time. Here's today's find, and my other favourites.

Monday, February 04, 2008

How to Make a Trumpet - 3

Hooray! Yet another trumpet making video! This one is a bit more detailed about the making of the bell in particular. I believe it's the Getzen factory.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Primeval starting tonight!

The second series of Primeval starts tonight, at 7pm on ITV. As with the first series, I've worked with composer Dominik Scherrer on the score, orchestrating and programming for several episodes (although not tonight's one), and playing trumpet (on all episodes I think).

I must say, I'm a bit of a fan of Primeval, so have really enjoyed working on it!