Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Steve and Eileen's wedding

Congratulations to Steve and Eileen who got married on Saturday! The weather was very good, and the location was beautiful: King's College Chapel, and then Elphinstone Hall in Aberdeen.

There was a wide variety of music played by the bride and groom's many musical friends and family. There was a piece by Eileen's late grandfather, Charlie Hunter, played during the service and later the Aurora Brass Quintet entertained us as we sipped champagne on the lawn. There was also a piper, and at the end of the evening a great ceilidh band. (Dancing at a ceilidh is just about my favourite thing - but I do need to have a very understanding partner as I haven't got a clue about any of the moves.)

I used to live in Aberdeen (in my previous life as a software engineer), so I know the city very well. Unfortunately, this had to be a very short visit for me as I am very busy at the moment and had a gig in London the next day. So sadly there was no time to catch up with old friends who are up there - except those who attended the wedding, of course.

Here are some terrible photos I took with my (shiny new) phone. At the top is the best (sorry) I have of the happy couple, then there's a young loun running about in a kilt. Then there's Elphinstone Hall looking a bit like Hogwarts, and King's College Chapel at night. The last picture shows how everything looked to me towards the end of the evening..

Friday, August 11, 2006

Righteous Rage..

Todays' Telegraph contains an article by my dad entitled 'Righteous Rage at the Parish Pump', about the trials of editing the local church magazine. It's also available online.

My mum's not going to be at all happy, I fear..

Monday, August 07, 2006

SoaSN in today's Evening Standard

Just seen that today's Evening Standard contains quite a large article about Scenes of a Sexual Nature, which I orchestrated for and played trumpet on. The article mainly focuses on Ewan McGregor's appearance in the film, and has a few nice pictures from it. According to the Standard, it'll be released in late October or early November.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Pint of Brains

Oh dear, I haven't blogged for ages... I've been really busy with a TV project (which I'm not allowed to talk about I think), and have been playing a bit here and there with Riamba, the Rugs and the John Ongom Big Band.

For the first time in my life I went to Wales at the weekend. I was visiting a friend who's teaching on the Jazz Summer School at the University of Glamorgan. The course is run by Simon Purcell and Dave Wickins, and this year the tutors include Bobby Wellins, Liane Carroll, Martin Speake and Chris Batchelor.

I didn't get to sit in on any of the classes, but I went to the jazz club which they run in the student union every evening and I must say, it was a really great atmosphere. I met several of the tutors, who were really friendly, and several students, who all seemed to be having a whale of a time. Felt slightly strange asking for a pint of Brains (the local brew). It was very nice - and a lot more malty than actual brains.

Went down to Porthcawl to stay with my friend's parents for a night. Went swimming in the Bristol Channel in a pair of swimming shorts borrowed from her dad (it could have been worse: I was initially offered a pair of speedos). All very invigorating (I mean the sea and the air).

I was sorry to have to return to London on Monday - I was really envious of everybody who would get to hang out there on the course all week and just play music. Oh well...