Tuesday, July 17, 2007

how do you like them apples?

I took this picture at the Brent Respect Festival, where I was playing with the Spanner Jazz Punks. I believe this piece was called 'Before Newton'. The festival also featured the world's largest finger painting, and a bunch of people dancing round a maypole.

Also been busy participating in no less than four events at the Leytonstone Festival: playing with the London Swingfonia, Aneesa Chaudhry, the John Ongom Big Band, and at the Loaded Dog jam, which featured the marvellous Dick Pearce on trumpet as special guest.

The gig with Aneesa was with her new group: a kind of mini-big band with rhythm section and four horns. As well as playing trumpet I did the arranging - mostly downsized versions of existing big band arrangements. We also recently played at Pizza on the Park (which was sold out!)

Also been busy writing and producing music for the trailer for Lady Godiva - Back in the Saddle, a forthcoming British comedy. Not sure where or when the trailer will be in the cinemas..