Tuesday, June 05, 2007

forthcoming gigs and stuff

Oh dear haven't blogged for ages.. I've been busy playing quite a bit, doing gigs with two different big bands: the London Swingfonia and the Spanner Jazz Punks. Also been doing quite a bit of transcribing/arranging work for a couple of forthcoming projects.

OK, plug #1: Anjali Perin is playing at the 606 tomorrow night, with my wonderful girlfriend, Rachel Musson sitting in on tenor.

plug #2: This Sunday at 7:30pm, the John Ongom Big Band will be playing at the White Hart pub on Mile End Road (map), featuring Mark Jennett and the Toot Sweet trio on vocals (I'll be MDing).

plug #3: Hmmm.. it's a bit weird to plug two different simultaneous events, but also on Sunday evening, my chum Eileen Hunter will be playing at the 606. She'll be there again on 2nd August.

plug #4: 22nd June, I'll be playing with Riamba at the National Portrait Gallery. In the afternoon I think.

Oh blimey that'll do for now.

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