Saturday, March 07, 2009

trombone fun

Went to the Chicken Shed last night to hear the inaugural gig The Bone Supremacy (what a great name!) It's a group made up of five trombones plus rhythm section. Great sound they had, like being wrapped in a warm blanket, but with a punch when required. Great improvising too - I particularly enjoyed Ian Bateman's solos.

So all this was very inspirational for my own efforts on trombone. Had my first practice this morning - actually feels pretty promising, embouchure-wise and sound-wise. Played my way through a few pages of Tune a Day - but without any great style! Just need to do it a lot to get used to the feel of the different notes. Funny how quickly you get used to a big mouthpiece so that when I went back to trumpet - the instrument I've been playing for decades - it feels strange!

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Hi Angus,

I enjoyed it too. Check out my review here