Saturday, January 28, 2006

Friday Night at the Azteca

Another groovy night at the Azteca last night. Mauro and Pierluca doing their thing, with me and Fred joining them later on as the horn section. The music is mostly kind of funky electronica, I suppose, but recently has been going more and more ska, especially when Fred and I go up to play.

The Azteca is at 315 King's Road, SW3. Mauro and Luca play on Friday evenings from around 9. Come down and say hi!

Pierluca struts his stuff.

Wow, Mauro's arm looks hairy! (I'm sure it's just the angle.)

..And here's me and Fred: the Entente Cordiale Horns. (Hmm.. I just made that up (Fred is French), hopefully somebody will think of a better name for us.)

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